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Next Level Disciples

A Time Of Personal Development

What is Next Level Disciples?

We live for ourselves and our careers; why not live for our Creator? Through the Next Level Disciple events we will take time to focus on personal development, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit in order to create Next Level disciples.

What are some of the topics discussed?

  • How to extinguish fear; especially in the times when fear is fanned the most!

  • Truly putting God at the top of your priority list in a way that makes your life, career, and relationships more vibrant!

  • Humble doesn’t mean weak!

  • Using the Bible and God's presence to become stable and strong in the face of anything! 

  • Prayer shouldn’t feel like a chore!

  • Weaponizing scripture to be warriors for God in these times that evil thinks it is winning!

  • Knowledge isn’t power, the application of knowledge is Power!

  • And much much more.

Every class will take on a life of its own based on feedback and audience needs!

How do I get involved?

Next Level Disciple events take place bi-weekly at LOTW on Saturday mornings at 10am. Each level is a continuum intended to move the disciple toward empowerment and action using the gifts God has given us.


There is no cost to attend this event.

Have questions about Next Level Disciples or need more information?

Contact John Alvis, Executive/Spiritual Formation Minister, at