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Adult Evening Bible Study

Two great studies to choose from!

New Adult Bible Studies! Begin October 13th

Two NEW adult Bible classes will be offered every Wednesday beginning October 13th from 6:30-8 pm.

“Genesis to Revelation in 8 Weeks” with Dr. Greg Beutel, Senior Pastor

Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament fits with the New Testament, or how the individual books of the Bible fit together? This study will take a look from a 30,000 ft level at how the story of the Bible paints a complete picture of God’s love, judgment, and plan of salvation for all of humanity. Bring your Bible. All other materials provided. 

"Gifts, Talents, & Treasures" with John Alvis, Executive/Spiritual Formation Minister

God gifts each of us according to his wisdom. Gifts that can be cultivated into talents. We then use our talents to do God’s work and bring glory to him. This is how we lay up treasure in heaven! In this class, you will discover how you can GLORIFY GOD by doing what you have been UNIQUELY CREATED by God to do. Bring your Bible. All other materials provided. 

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