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What to Expect

A quick glimpse into our ministry

A quick overview from Pastor Greg

What is the style of your worship services?

We offer two weekend services at 9:00 and 10:30. The first service will make use of more traditional aspects including an occasional hymn, weekly creed, and the Lord’s Prayer. The second service is contemporary and does not have the traditional features some might be used to. Both services incorporate modern music, video, art, and a relevant message allowing you to experience God and His will for your life.

What should I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable wearing! We are more concerned with you meeting God in this place than with what you wear. At LOTW, you’ll see nearly every style of clothing from casual to Sunday best.

Where do I go when I first arrive?

Don’t worry, our church is not so large that you need a map to find your way around. Once you park, simply come in the front doors where you will be greeted by some folks from our congregation to point you in the right direction. Immediately after coming through the doors you will see our Worship Center, Connection Desk, and the Kid’s Check-In area of our foyer.